October 2010


Empty Store Shelves Coming to America

October 27th 2010


Indian Farmers Funded-Black Farmers Shafted

October 21st 2010

Washington (CNN) — The government will provide $680 million in compensation to settle a class-action lawsuit by Native American farmers against the U.S. Department of Agriculture, according to a proposed agreement announced Tuesday. Under the agreement, which requires federal court approval, Native Americans can file claims for discrimination involving farm loans that occurred in the […]


Afro-Brazilian Reparations Movement

October 21st 2010

Racial Accomplishments Beyond the Presidential Election Lula has consolidated  links between Brazil and Africa By Lansana Dabo   Last week when I saw on TVGlobo Tais Araujo, the very famous Afro-Brazilian actress advertising on behalf of the Federal Government about the Black people’s self-esteem. I just remembered my best friend Juliana Cristina, a student in […]


Nobel Peace Prize or Propaganda Tool?

October 18th 2010

By Malik Al-Arkam Since 1964 the wealthy Caucasian elite which controls the Nobel Peace Prize, named for the inventor of dynamite, has conferred this prize on five American citizens: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (1964), Dr. Henry Kissinger (1973), Jimmy Carter (2002), Al Gore Jr. (2007) and Barack Obama (2009).  None of the above ever […]


Our Identity-Why It Is Important

October 10th 2010

by the Honorable Silis Muhammad We, the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, have spent close to seventeen years at the United Nations.  During these years, our fight has been to establish an identity.  The identity we have chosen for ourselves is not just for us here in America, but also for Blacks from many nations.  Following […]


What Are America’s Plans For Afrodescendants?

October 10th 2010

FROM THE EDITOR By Raushana Karriem “America has no more use for her niggers” thundered Stokely Carmichael, later known as Kwame Ture, in the 1960’s.  His words spoken at a black power rally in Los Angeles, California resonated with me and shook me into an awareness of our plight that has lasted to this day. […]


Stimulus Jobs Cut

October 3rd 2010

Latest unemployed: Stimulus-subsidized workers By Tami Luhby, senior writer   NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) — Tens of thousands of low-income workers lost their jobs Thursday as a stimulus-subsidized employment program came to an end. About a quarter of a million people in 37 states were placed in short-term jobs thanks to a $5 billion boost to […]


Gold To Go? or Dumping the Dollar?

October 3rd 2010

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) — If you want to cash in on the gold rush, you no longer need a passport to get in on the action. The maker of gold ATMs will debut its gold-dispensing machines in two U.S. locations next month. Twenty ATMs have already popped up in hotels, airports and stores in tourist […]