Why Are Only Certain Birds and Fish Dying?



Raushana Karriem

“Doesn’t strike you as odd that only particular genus of animals are dying? I have a feeling that the birds and fish are part of a genetic test to kill not just animals but people too. If the government is using a combination of genetic material derived from taking the genes from specific birds and fish mixing them with the Ebola virus as a test of mass destruction that meets certain genetic markers. The Chemtrails and water contamination are just the forms of delivery.”

The comment above made by a reader concerning the recent deaths of Black, Red Tail birds in Louisiana and Arkansas, and the 2,000,000 fish found dead in Chesapeake Bay in Maryland seems to be more on point than the flimsy explanations given by various officials.

Official explanations from Beebe, Arkansas where more than 3,000 Red Winged Black birds fell dead on New Year’s day, ranged from they were startled by fireworks to they had some lightning trauma.  This explanation begs the question, why were only Red Winged Black Birds affected? Would not blue birds, or other species of birds be affected by these elements also?
Also Red Winged Black Birds died and littered the ground in Louisiana the next day, were the same elements of fireworks and lightning trauma evident in these bird deaths?

The  2,000,000  “spot” fish that were found dead and washed up on Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, around the same time that the Red Winged Black Birds fell from the sky was blamed on “cold water stress” and “natural causes” by officials.  Fish whose natural habitat is water are suddenly traumatized by the water temperature?

According to a report made on You Tube by the EU Times, the culprit is Phosgene gas.  This gas was brought to the US according to the report from Iraq and stored in Arkansas.  A far fetched theory some say, but why were the workers who cleaned up the Red Winged Black Birds wearing hazmat suits?  What did they know that others did not know?

EU Times has also linked the strange murder of John Wheeler, a top US official to the strange deaths of the birds and fish.  EU Times reports that Wheeler who was seen acting strangely on video cameras only to have been murdered and having his body dumped in a landfill threatened to expose the truth about the Phosgene gas being stored in Arkansas and the spraying of it over certain parts of America.

The American media has been silent about these occurrences recently, and that always leads to speculation.

Muhammad Speaks is asking the tough questions.

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  • sufwah 09:12 PM 22/1/2011

    i dont think the whiteman had anything to do with this. he is quiet because he himself is puzzled. come on you should know these are the last days. everything happening now is divine. besides how would he deliver a gas to the millions of fish, in water? we shouldnt speculate out loud because it destracts the minds of our people. that is why sum are convinced that the whiteman made the earthquake in haiti. investigate more first and then publicize your thoughts. anything that the whiteman does to try to destroy us best believe he is trying to do it in secrecy. lets get away from assumptions and speculations

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