February 2011


“Hear Silis”

February 20th 2011

GET INSIGHT INTO THE HONORABLE SILIS MUHAMMAD He has gone deep inside of Himself to realize that The Lost Found Nation of Islam is not a religion; it is a government. Order  your copy today online, while they last for a $20 donation which includes shipping and handling.


The Middle East Explodes!

February 20th 2011

Democracy In Egypt And Despair At The Whitehouse!!!!! Posted by Sadiki Kambon on February 15, 2011 at 9:30pm View Sadiki Kambon’s blog Stunning is the only word to describe what has transpired in Egypt in the past month.  Unless you have been “hiding under a rock,” then you have to be aware of the news […]


‘Killer Hospital’ Exposed in Benton Harbor, Michigan

February 20th 2011

“Killer Hospital” is what Benton Harbor residents have called Lakeland Hospital in St. Joseph, Michigan for about eight years The Michigan NAACP has called to task Lakeland Hospital for its treatment of Black patients by the all white nursing staff. Below are some of the charges that have been leveled against the hospital and its […]