April 2011


China Denounces America’s Treatment of Afro-Descendants

April 22nd 2011

China Denounces America’s Treatment of Afro-descendants (African Americans) By Editor Raushana Karriem In a scathing report issued by China’s Information Office of the State Council, China  condemned America’s treatment of its Afro-descendants and other minorities and cited America’s numerous human rights violations against its minorities.   “The State Department of the United States released its […]


National and International Day of Action and Unity

April 18th 2011

line of fire

“In the Line of Fire”

April 18th 2011

“In the Line of Fire”   By Editor Raushana Karriem   The  Lost-Found Nation of Islam has now made it possible for internet viewers to attend a ‘virtual mosque’ and hear the teachings of the Honorable Silis Muhammad, in the comfort of their own home.   “In the Line of Fire” is the name of […]


Africom the US Scramble for Africa

April 11th 2011

Africom The US Scramble for Africa By Colin BenjaminAs Western war mongering in Libya continues, there’s another dimension to the conflict to consider: what role does the existence of the United States Africa Command (USAFRICOM) have to do with America’s participation in this invasion?  Ever since the West launched military intervention in Libya, some scholars have said the […]


Cops Sentenced in Katrina Murder

April 6th 2011

Muhammad Speaks reported nearly 3 years ago about the police burning of Henry Glover, in New Orleans while he was still alive.  Recently those police that perpetrated this heinous crime were convicted and sentenced.  A federal judge has sentenced a former New Orleans police officer to 25 years in prison for his role in the […]