June 2011


Georgia’s Return to Slave Labor?

June 30th 2011

  Many wondered how the new Georgia immigration law should affect its agricultural industry.  Many undocumented workers have fled the state before the draconian immigration law takes effect July 1st which will make it a crime if one even gives an undocumented worker a ride. Some speculated that Georgia would use its prison population to […]


Geecchee-Gullah’s Demand Georgia Island Homeland

June 25th 2011

GEECHEE GULLAH CULTURE SPOKESPERSON FROM SAPELO ISLAND, GEORGIA ANNOUNCES NON-GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION The Regeneration Of An Indigenous Culture ATLANTA, Georgia – Geechee Gullah Culture Spokesperson Reginald H. Hall announced today the establishment of the Geechee Gullah Culture Non-Government Organization, Incorporated.  The NGO consist of an executive accountability team, a tribunal, and a legislative body. This NGO […]


The Lost Found Nation of Islam’s New Senators

June 1st 2011

(In the photo above: L-R  Senators Rabbi Khalid Shabazz, Mustafa Saleem, Al-Wali Shabazz  and Raushana Karriem and Vice President Ishmael Abdul-Salaam, Samadia Shabazz was also inducted but not in photo) The Lost-Found Nation of Islam installed 4 new Senators to serve in its government, and uphold the new ratified  Constitution of the Afrodescendant Government.  Senators, Mustafa […]