December 2011


Muhammad’s Mosque E-thon

December 29th 2011

Video provided by Al Mumin Media In The Name Of Master Fard Muhammad As-Salaam-Alaikum Peace Be Unto You End of theYear E-thon(Building Fundraiser)! December 24, 8:00 am thru December 31, 11:59pm The Lost-Found Nation Of Islam is humbly requesting your support.  Muhammad’s Mosque is conducting an End of the Year E-thon Building Fundraiser. We are […]


How the 1% Control the 99%

December 6th 2011

As Charles Hugh Smith points out in, “The Company Store Debt and Serfdom, the “New World Order” is based on the European model of monarchs and serfs. Monarchs were forever to be enriched by serfs, who were the workers.  The monarchs controlled every aspect of the serfs lives, i.e. food, clothing and shelter, which kept […]