Can a Brillant Black Doctor Be a Victim of Ethnocide?


Can A Brilliant Black Doctor Be A Confused Victim of Ethnocide?

By Malik Al-Arkram

All slave descendants in the western hemisphere, regardless of education, income or political ideology, are suffering from the lingering effects of plantation slavery.  That includes billionaires like Oprah and Cosby, entertainers like Jay-Z and Beyonce, politicians like Condoleezza Rice and Jesse Jackson Jr., and the very brilliant neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson.  When Dr. Carson authored the book America The Beautiful: Rediscovering What Made This Nation Great (2012) he verified that he is still suffering from the lingering effects of plantation slavery.  Even as the white American empire is crumbling and even as all inner cities are imploding, Dr. Carson still clings to the surrealistic belief that the USA can reform itself spiritually and politically.

The truth is that from its very inception the United States of America has always been a racist oligarchy and never a true democracy.  Dr. Ben Carson’s people have never enjoyed Human Rights in the USA and are now being systematically phased out by the increasingly arrogant white ruling class.  Although millions of Blacks have been tricked into thinking that President Obama sympathizes with them and can elevate them, the reality is that the USA is the New Titanic and she is going to sink, regardless of who is the captain of the ship. We cannot trust an ersatz Black puppet who opposes Reparations and endorses same-sex marriage.

In 1967 I was in the White House on the very day that President Lyndon Johnson appointed Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court.  I remember how elated everyone in the room seemed, especially the African-American guests, including myself and my parents.  However, after he retired from the highest court in the land, Marshall publicly acknowledged that “my people are still not free.”  Today in 2012 the masses of slave descendants are far worst off than they were in 1967.  Millions of our people are unemployed, millions are infected with the man-made virus AIDS, and millions are suffering from ethnocidal education. An increasing number of our youth are trapped in the school-to-prison pipeline.

The solution to our centuries-old problem is not further integration with our open enemies; it is separating from them. Our Moses, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, taught this for more than 40 years.  And our Joshua, the Honorable Silis Muhammad, has taught this for 35 years.  In Revelation18:4 God commands His Chosen Afrodescendant People as follows: “Come out of her, My People, lest ye receive of her plagues.” How many hurricanes, droughts and earthquakes have to strike the New Sodom before the masses bow to God’s will?

Today we the awakened slave Afrodescendants are praying for the healing of Dr. Ben Carson and all 250 million long-suffering slave descendants through Reparations.  Reparations means Restoration.  Our history proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that we are God’s Chosen People, the only People who endured 400 years of brutal bondage in a strange land that is not ours (see Genesis 15:13-14).  Learn more about our rising Black Government whose first President is the capable and courageous Ajani Mukarram.  Prepare for Exodus.

Peace Be Unto The Righteous,

Minister Malik Al-Arkam


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