The Afrodescendant Constitution is Unveiled

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The Afrodescendant Constitution is Unveiled

By Raushana Karriem

One of the most important historical events in our sojourn occurred September 29, 2012 as the descendants  of  our enslaved ancestors  unveiled the Afrodescendant Constitution at Muhammad’s Mosque in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Afrodescendant Constitution was 12 years in the making and was written by the Constitutional Committee of the Afrodescendant government. It expresses the will of Afrodescendants in how we wish to be governed.

The foundation for the Afrodescendant Government was established by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad explained, Minister Mustafa Saleem.

“The Honorable Elijah Muhammad spoke of a Divine Government with a Constitution that the people would follow.  This is the beginning of that” said Minister Saleem.

“We have been in a government that does not represent us,” said House of Representative member Arifah Madyun.

“It is prophesied that we would be a great nation,” stated Vice President Ishmael Abdul Salaam of the Lost Found Nation of Islam. We learned in the United Nations that Reparations are paid to a Nation or a people.

Senator Samadia Shabazz gave the definition of Afrodescendants and explained that our going to the United Nations for 17 years was to obtain our separate identity from the Caucasian people and be reinstated to the human family, which was achieved by the Honorable Silis Muhammad.

We must now inform our people about the Afrodescendant government and educate them as to why and how they can self identify themselves as Afrodescendants and join their own Afrodescendant Nation.

Questions were taken from the audience and a series of town hall meetings are scheduled.  The next one will be October 27, 2012 at Muhammad’s Mosque, 3040 Campbellton Rd. Atlanta, Georgia, at 8pm.

Persons who want to become citizens of the Afrodescendant Government should contact the local mosques in their area to learn the process for citizenship.




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