Vice President Outlines Vision For Afrodescendant Government


Vice President Ishmael Abdul Salaam of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam outlined his vision for the Afrodescendant Government should he and President Ajani Mukarram be elected in December’s National election, in the second campaign conference call November 8, 2012.

He outlined a special emphasis on youth in the Nation targeted for those from 18-25.  “This group are the smartest, the most aggressive, but they lack a sense of spirituality,” said Vice President Abdul-Salaam. “The average age of those in the Nation is 45.” He emphasized that we need our youth to carry this Nation forward.

Callers were able to submit their questions to the Vice President.

Questions were raised as to what the Administration would do differently than they had done over the previous 5 years, other options other than military options for the youth, and the possibility of sharing the international experience that the incumbent administration had gained with the new administration if it were elected.

The Vice President said they would form an executive cabinet and hoped to have nominees for the cabinet in place by the May 2013 Congressional session.  He welcomed any suggestions from the youth on other ways they could participate in their government.  However, he said he had not thought of the possibility of not being elected, and was not able to share his thoughts on working with a new administration. He went on to state that the Nation does not have time for a “learning curve.”

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