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Vice President Outlines Vision For Afrodescendant Government

November 10th 2012

Vice President Ishmael Abdul Salaam of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam outlined his vision for the Afrodescendant Government should he and President Ajani Mukarram be elected in December’s National election, in the second campaign conference call November 8, 2012. He outlined a special emphasis on youth in the Nation targeted for those from 18-25.  “This […]


The Coronation of Queen Misshaki

June 6th 2012

The Coronation of Queen Misshaki Muhammad of the Afrodescendant Nation By Senator Raushana Karriem   February 25th 2012 marked an historic epoch in our history, as the descendants of chattel slaves, raised one of our women to the position of Queen of the Afrodescendant Nation. Queen Misshaki Muhammad was crowned by her husband the Honorable […]


Muhammad’s Mosque E-thon

December 29th 2011

Video provided by Al Mumin Media In The Name Of Master Fard Muhammad As-Salaam-Alaikum Peace Be Unto You End of theYear E-thon(Building Fundraiser)! December 24, 8:00 am thru December 31, 11:59pm The Lost-Found Nation Of Islam is humbly requesting your support.  Muhammad’s Mosque is conducting an End of the Year E-thon Building Fundraiser. We are […]


Will The Libyan People Keep Their Citizenship Benefits?

November 9th 2011

 Will the Libyan People Keep their Citizenship Benefits? Now that Gaddafi is Gone? The Libyan people enjoyed the highest standard of living under President Muammar Gadaffi on the African continent.  Since his assassination and the subsequent mutilation of his body the country has fallen into chaos. Fighting has not stopped among fighters loyal to the […]


Venezuela Demands End of US Occupations Following Supposed Killing

May 6th 2011

Venezuelan Government Demands End to U.S. Occupations Following Supposed bin Laden Killing By Tamara Pearson – Mérida, May 3rd 2011 ( – Following the announcement by the U.S. government that its forces had supposedly killed Osama bin Laden, leader of al-Qaeda, in Pakistan, the Venezuelan government released an official statement, rejecting the use of […]

line of fire

“In the Line of Fire”

April 18th 2011

“In the Line of Fire”   By Editor Raushana Karriem   The  Lost-Found Nation of Islam has now made it possible for internet viewers to attend a ‘virtual mosque’ and hear the teachings of the Honorable Silis Muhammad, in the comfort of their own home.   “In the Line of Fire” is the name of […]


Saviors Day 2011 Photos

March 18th 2011

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Saviour’s Day Schedule, Atlanta, Georgia

January 8th 2011

In the name of Master Fard Muhammad, whom is Almighty Allah.  He is our Spiritual Father, of which all praise are due.  And in loving memory of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, may peace be forever associated with his name.  He is our Spiritual Mother, giving birth to this great Nation.  In the name of the […]


Commemorating the Birth of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad

September 21st 2010

Sunday October 3, 2010 @2pm Topic:  Last Call for the 144,000 Speaker: Minister Najee Muhammad, of Washington, DC Location: Restoration Plaza 1368 Fulton Street 1st Floor Multipurpose Room Brooklyn, NY 11221


I’ve Been Waiting For This Moment For All Of My Life

September 12th 2010

As-Salaam-Alaikum—after stumbling—that’s a case of needing better glasses. (Laughter) take your seats. In the Name of Master Fard Muhammad. All praises are due to Master Fard Muhammad for His coming to America to find us.  And for His lifting up and teaching The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who bore us out of the dark ages of […]