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Afrodescendant Reparations Petition

July 23rd 2013

PETITION In Support of Reparations for Afrodescendants I support Reparations for Afrodescendants who: • were forcibly dispossessed of their homeland, Africa; •were transported to the Americas and Slavery Diaspora for the purpose of enslavement; •were subjected to plantation slavery; •were subjected to forced mixed breeding and rape; •have experienced, through force, the loss of mother […]


Trayvon Martin This Generation’s Emmett Till

July 15th 2013

Trayvon Martin This Generation’s Emmett Till   Emmett Till was 14  years old, in 1955 when he was kidnapped from his grandfather’s home in Mississippi in the middle of the night, bludgeoned, beaten and murdered by white men for allegedly whistling at a white woman. His body was then thrown into a river, and held […]


NRA President Jim Porter “…We Can Own Colored People Again”

July 5th 2013

President Jim Porter: “It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before We Can Own Colored People Again” May 5, 2013 By Stacy L. HOUSTON — It seems new National Rifle Association President (NRA) president Jim Porter may have found himself in a bit of hot water. Not long ago he made his feelings about the Civil […]

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Revolutionary in Exile Added to FBI Terrorist List

May 5th 2013

Revolutionary in Exile is Added to Terrorist List Assata Shakur, a former Black activist who has been in Cuba for 40 years has become the 1st woman on the FBI’s Terrorist List.  This marks her to be kidnapped or killed, said former Black Panther Activist, Angela Davis.  “A $2 million bounty has been put on […]


Ayesha Muhammad Elected President of the Afrodescendant Nation

March 22nd 2013

Ayesha Muhammad Elected President of the Afrodescendant Government   In a hotly contested race, for the Presidency of the Afrodescendant Nation that resulted in a court challenge by the incumbent, Ajani Mukarram, Ayesha Muhammad was declared the winner. Her victory is historical as she is the first elected president of the Afrodescendant Nation, and the […]


Vice President Outlines Vision For Afrodescendant Government

November 10th 2012

Vice President Ishmael Abdul Salaam of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam outlined his vision for the Afrodescendant Government should he and President Ajani Mukarram be elected in December’s National election, in the second campaign conference call November 8, 2012. He outlined a special emphasis on youth in the Nation targeted for those from 18-25.  “This […]


Muhammad Speaks Interviews Presidential Candidates

November 5th 2012

From Electing A New Slave Master, To Electing A New Commander In Chief Presidential Debate 2012  By: Sa’iida Sattar Editor’s Note: VP Ishmael Abdul Salaam’s responses will be added as soon as they are received. On October 7, 2012, for the first time, a presidential debate occurred between current president, Ajani Mukarram and vice president, […]


Presidential Candidates Present 2 Distinct Visions

October 10th 2012

    Presidential Candidates for Nation present 2  Distinct Visions   President Ajani Mukkarram and Major Ayesha  Salaam presented 2 distinct visions for the future of the Afrodescendant Nation in the first election and presidential debate in the history of the Nation. The debate was held at Muhammad’s Mosque in Atlanta, Georgia on the 115th […]

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The Afrodescendant Constitution is Unveiled

October 10th 2012

  The Afrodescendant Constitution is Unveiled By Raushana Karriem One of the most important historical events in our sojourn occurred September 29, 2012 as the descendants  of  our enslaved ancestors  unveiled the Afrodescendant Constitution at Muhammad’s Mosque in Atlanta, Georgia. The Afrodescendant Constitution was 12 years in the making and was written by the Constitutional Committee […]


Can a Brillant Black Doctor Be a Victim of Ethnocide?

September 15th 2012

Can A Brilliant Black Doctor Be A Confused Victim of Ethnocide? By Malik Al-Arkram All slave descendants in the western hemisphere, regardless of education, income or political ideology, are suffering from the lingering effects of plantation slavery.  That includes billionaires like Oprah and Cosby, entertainers like Jay-Z and Beyonce, politicians like Condoleezza Rice and Jesse […]