Mr. Muhammad Speaks


Independence Day!

July 4th 2011

Whose Independence? Since 1776 you, Black man, have been worshipping the 4th of July along with the real author of the 4th of July…(the white man) as a day of Independence for themselves. It is the white slave-master and his children who enjoy setting forth the 4th of July as a day of rejoicing over […]


Our Identity-Why It Is Important

October 10th 2010

by the Honorable Silis Muhammad We, the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, have spent close to seventeen years at the United Nations.  During these years, our fight has been to establish an identity.  The identity we have chosen for ourselves is not just for us here in America, but also for Blacks from many nations.  Following […]


I’ve Been Waiting For This Moment For All Of My Life

September 12th 2010

As-Salaam-Alaikum—after stumbling—that’s a case of needing better glasses. (Laughter) take your seats. In the Name of Master Fard Muhammad. All praises are due to Master Fard Muhammad for His coming to America to find us.  And for His lifting up and teaching The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who bore us out of the dark ages of […]


How to Eat to Live – Meat part 1 – Honorable Elijah Muhammad

July 3rd 2010

Meat – part 1 It is useless to keep repeating to you the same truth day and night, month after month, and year after year when you have it written in your book, the Bible. The main meat that our people like to eat is what they have been taught not to eat – the […]