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‘Killer Hospital’ Exposed in Benton Harbor, Michigan

February 20th 2011

“Killer Hospital” is what Benton Harbor residents have called Lakeland Hospital in St. Joseph, Michigan for about eight years The Michigan NAACP has called to task Lakeland Hospital for its treatment of Black patients by the all white nursing staff. Below are some of the charges that have been leveled against the hospital and its […]


Why Are Only Certain Birds and Fish Dying?

January 22nd 2011

By Raushana Karriem “Doesn’t strike you as odd that only particular genus of animals are dying? I have a feeling that the birds and fish are part of a genetic test to kill not just animals but people too. If the government is using a combination of genetic material derived from taking the genes from […]



September 12th 2010

AIDS IS A BLACK AND POOR DISEASE, SAYS CDC   Phill Wilson, president and CEO of the Black AIDS Institute, has good reasons for describing AIDS as a Black disease. Although Blacks are 12.8 percent of the U.S. population, they represent 45 percent of all people infected each year with HIV, the virus that causes […]


Jackson Health System halts dialysis for poor patients

July 27th 2010

Dozens of patients are facing a life-or-death situation after Jackson Health System stopped paying for treatment for their failing kidney BY JOHN DORSCHNER AND JUAN CARLOS CHAVEZ The financially strapped Jackson Health System has stopped paying for dialysis treatments for 175 poor patients with failing kidneys — a decision that experts say could be deadly. […]


How to Eat to Live – Meat part 1 – Honorable Elijah Muhammad

July 3rd 2010

Meat – part 1 It is useless to keep repeating to you the same truth day and night, month after month, and year after year when you have it written in your book, the Bible. The main meat that our people like to eat is what they have been taught not to eat – the […]