How the FBI Sabotaged Black America

July 7th 2012



Lynching or Suicide?

March 29th 2011

The black community in Greenwood, Miss., is on edge and angry after the death of Frederick Jermaine Carter (pictured) who was 26 years old and found hanging from a tree in what authorities have labeled to be a suicide. The community, though, isn’t buying the police’s story and claims that he was actually murdered. The […]


Georgia Prisoners Revolt Against Slave Conditions

December 21st 2010

  Georgia prisoners in 6 of the state’s  prisons staged a work strike in order to protest their treatment in the Georgia penal system.  The strike was unprecedented in Georgia.  Prisoners demanded wages for their work, better social services and respect for their civil liberties.   Georgia is the only where prisoners do not receive […]


3 New Orleans Police Convicted in Katrina Killing

December 14th 2010

In a mediocre show of justice only 3 of the 5 police charged with the killing of Henry Glover were convicted by a federal grand jury.   However, Muhammad Speaks covered this story and raises the following questions about the verdict.   How can a man be shot in the back and the shooter only be convicted […]


New Orleans Police tried for Katrina Murder

November 21st 2010

Editors Note: Muhammad Speaks Newspaper first broke the story of  Henry Glover’s brutal, tortuous murder by police in 2008.  This is the aftermath of that police murder as told by a British reporter for the Guardian. By Chris McGreal – The Guardian There’s not much mystery about how Henry Glover ended up a charred corpse […]


Riots, as Oscar Grant’s Murderer Gets 2 years

November 6th 2010

Oakland Riots, after Oscar Grant Murderer, Gets only 2 years. November 5, 2010 Judge Robert Perry has sentenced former BART transit cop Johannes Mehserle to the minimum sentence of two years in state prison for the shooting death of 22-year-old Oscar Grant. Judge Perry gave double credit for his time served, bringing the total to […]


Indian Farmers Funded-Black Farmers Shafted

October 21st 2010

Washington (CNN) — The government will provide $680 million in compensation to settle a class-action lawsuit by Native American farmers against the U.S. Department of Agriculture, according to a proposed agreement announced Tuesday. Under the agreement, which requires federal court approval, Native Americans can file claims for discrimination involving farm loans that occurred in the […]


Afro-Brazilian Reparations Movement

October 21st 2010

Racial Accomplishments Beyond the Presidential Election Lula has consolidated  links between Brazil and Africa By Lansana Dabo   Last week when I saw on TVGlobo Tais Araujo, the very famous Afro-Brazilian actress advertising on behalf of the Federal Government about the Black people’s self-esteem. I just remembered my best friend Juliana Cristina, a student in […]


Reparations Taskforce Educates Students

September 18th 2010

North American Reparations Task Force Enlightens Chicago State University Students!     By Commissioner Kamal Akram The North American Reparations Task Force once again enlightens Chicago college students with one of the most impressive presentations in it’s young history.  Founded by Ambassador Raashida Talib-Din, the NARTF appears to making much needed headway in educating the […]


Mississippi Injustice

September 12th 2010

Mississippi Injustice Jamie and Gladys Scott are blood sisters and have been wrongfully convicted of armed robbery. The sisters received double life terms each. No one was murdered or injured during this robbery. One witness testified that the robbery netted about $11, another said that around $200 bucks was in his wallet. Witnesses and the two […]